Photo: Loli Laboureau | Hair: Andrew Chen | Stylist: Kylie Lauren Frink

Photo: Loli Laboureau | Hair: Andrew Chen | Stylist: Kylie Lauren Frink


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About Me:

Desireé discovered her talent for makeup as a model but owes her passion for beauty and self care to her late grandmother. “The Beauty Queen”, who never left home without her lipstick. Since moving to New York City Desireé has worked with celebrities in fashion, music, television and film. Her work has also been seen on the runways in New York and Paris. Features in Vogue Italia, IRK Paris, Imirage Magazine, Volition, Jute and many others. She briefly trained with Chic Studios NYC and Makeup Mastered, traveling to create art with other artists from 80 different countries. Desireé launched her first product in October 2018 Create Your Own Makeup Image an artistic coloring book created in hopes to inspire the world by building confidence through creativity. Create Your Own Makeup Image was named # 1 New Release in it’s category by Amazon and rated #2 out of the top 10 gifts on Amazon to get you 13 year old daughter by Fupping Company. Create Your Own Makeup Image is available online in the Netherlands, Nordic Region, UK and was found in a children’s book store in France. By reaching out and connecting with the world, she hopes to find out just how many times one image can be uniquely re-imagined. The coloring book was featured on Thrive Global Magazine and was invited by the LA Times to their annual Festival of Books. CYOMI is set to appear at 5 international exhibits and galleries in 2019 including Europe and Asia. Most recently being used in Art classes at Seth Low Intermediate School in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to being a Makeup Artist Desireé is the Beauty Director at Entire Magazine a platform showcasing the “entire” lifestyle. When not working she enjoys her family, meeting new people, learning new things, and seeking adventure. She holds a BS and an MBA.